Dr Sanghanayak Meshram, M.B.B.S, M.D
Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist

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Sound mental health is important for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Daily stress and aggravation of urban living can accumulate over time and lead to fatigue, exhaustion, insomnia, depression, irritability and anxiety.

Dr. Sanghanayak is consultant psychiatrist at International Modern Hospital, Dubai, providing treatment for Depression, Bipolar Mood disorder, anxiety disorders , schizophrenia, Drug abuse, Headaches, Dementia, sexual disorders, ADHD and adolescent problems.

Dr. Sanghanayak's  Approach

A healthy mind can weather the stresses of our environment. But mental illness shatters that capacity. It limits our ability to adapt, disturbs our thoughts, unbalances our behaviors, and destabilizes our lives.

Dr. Sanghanayak conducts a comprehensive, confidential and professional evaluation that leads to the diagnosis and treatment of mental and behavioral disorders.

Comprehensive evaluations that address both medical and psychiatric symptoms. He works in close collaboration with both medical and mental health colleagues to serve patients’ needs.


A safe and private environment are critical to the evaluation, discussion and treatment of a patient’s issues. We maintain the strictest confidentiality in all our work.


He adheres to the highest level of ethical standards and clinical judgments are based on the most current practice guidelines and scientific research.



Port Rashid Road,Al MankhoIol Area,

Bur Dubai.

 PO Box 121735 Dubai,UAE


 +971 4 406 3000